1) When does the rate change?

Our rate changes at 12pm; so Monday through Friday, if you pick up between 8am and 12pm, you aren’t charged for the day. If you pick up between 1pm and 5:30pm you are charged for a full day of board. Sundays we are open between 4pm and 6pm so you are always charged a day of board for that day.

2) Do I need to bring anything from home?

If your pet gets separation anxiety it is fine to bring something that smells like home, such as a used t-shirt or towel. You are also more than welcome to bring some treats and/or toys for them to play with; however, we don’t leave rope toys or stuffed toys down for them because some animals will tear them up and then can ingest them. You will need to bring your pet on their leash/collar or in a carrier.  The leash and collar will be returned to you at drop off unless you have someone else picking them up.  We can hang on to the carrier or you can take it home with you.  We do provide food and water bowls as well so you do not need to bring your pet’s bowls.  No blankets or other bedding is needed or allowed.  Please WRITE YOUR PET’S NAME in permanent marker on ANY belongings you bring to the kennel.

3) What shots do we require?

We require the rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccine. We require the bordetella vaccine to be given every six months, and if they need to have it updated we ask it to be given a minimum of one week prior to drop off in case of an allergic reaction.

4) Do we offer a long term rate?
Yes, we do! It starts at 30 days, for more information please give us a call!

5) Do you offer group play?

For the safety of your family member, all activities are one-on-one with one of our resort attendants.

6) I’m bringing my own food; how do I package it?

Due to the Dept. of Agriculture, we are required to keep all diets brought from home in a storage container. We ask that any dry kibble be brought in Ziploc bags no larger than gallon size. We can not accept owner provided containers due to available space we have in our food room. If upon check-in we need to provide the Ziploc bags there is a $2 charge.

7) What are your holiday hours?

The listing of our current year’s holiday operation hours can be found on our Contact Us page.

8) What happens during inclement weather?

We have a back-up generator in the event the area loses power.  Were power loss to happen in the area, our generator kicks in to keep pets warm/cool and comfortable.  Additionally, one of the managers stays on site 24/7 during winter storms or bad weather so the pets boarding will be well cared for until owners can make it to our office to pick up.