We are pleased to offer full service grooming at Cobble Hill.  Whether your dog is boarding with us or you just need to bring them in for a spa day, our professional groomer, Heather, is here for you.  Heather has been grooming since 2008 and is skilled in scissoring, breed standards, shave downs and will accommodate any special style requests you may have.  Bath, haircut, nail grinding, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression are all included in the groom price.  Our grooming prices vary depending on the size of your dog and coat condition. Heather is here Monday through Thursday so please call or stop by with your pet to speak with her for an estimate.  Below is just one example of Heather’s exceptional work…


  • Baths/Dogs under 20 lbs                                  Starting at $20.00
  • Baths / Dogs over 20 lbs                                   Starting at $25.00
  • Nails                                                                      $15.00
  • Furminate                                                            Starting at $10.00
  • Anal Glands                                                        $5.00
  • Cleaning ears                                                      $5.00
  • Brush-out/blow-out                                          $5.00
  • Flea Bath                                                             Starting at 30.00



  • Bath                                                                  Starting at $30.00
  • Nails                                                                     $10.00